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About Us

Old Hippys is more than a name—it's a vibe. Born out of a love for peace, freedom, and good vibes, we're a bunch of old-school hippies who decided to turn our laid-back lifestyle into something special. Our journey began in the good old days, where flower power and tie-dye were more than just fashion statements—they were a way of life. Fast forward to today, and we're still riding the waves of good times and spreading positive energy.

At Old hippys, we're not just about events; we're about creating experiences that transport you back to the heart of the '60s and '70s. Whether it's a chill music fest, an artsy market, or a cosmic meditation session, we're here to bring the spirit of Woodstock to every gathering.

Join us on this trip down memory lane, where every day is a chance to embrace the free-spirited, flower-child within. Let's make memories, share laughter, and keep the good vibes alive.

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