The After House Illustrated

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"An astonishing story of love and mystery, which equals if not surpasses in interest those other lively stories of Mrs. Rinehart's. The novel is one of the sprightliest of the season and will add to the author's reputation as an inventor of 'chilling' plots." — Philadelphia Record.

The After House is A Story of Love, Murder Mystery on a Private Yacht out at sea. You follow the main character a young man who's following his new life to go to college to become a surgeon, after inheriting some money to fund his learning.

He decides to get to his new life as a student on the yacht Ella, on his way there he become stuck out in sea with someone who is murdering passagers one by one. He struggles to stay alive and help protect the others while trying to solve the mystery of who the killer is.

Will he find out who the killer is before its to late!?


This book is in epub format.


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