Woman in Moonlight with Hourglass

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This digital art portrays a serene scene set against the backdrop of a moonlit night sky. The woman, depicted with graceful curves and ethereal features, stands bathed in the soft glow of moonlight. Her figure is illuminated with a subtle yet enchanting radiance, casting gentle shadows that dance across the canvas.

The moon, a luminous orb hanging in the velvet darkness, casts its silvery light upon the woman, enhancing the mystical atmosphere. Stars twinkle in the vast expanse above, creating a mesmerizing celestial tapestry that stretches into infinity.

In her hands, the woman delicately holds an illuminated hourglass, its glass filled with shimmering sands that seem to glow from within. The hourglass, a symbol of the passage of time, emits a soft, golden light that bathes the woman's face in a warm, otherworldly glow.

The overall composition evokes a sense of tranquility and introspection, inviting the viewer to contemplate the mysteries of the universe and the fleeting nature of time. The juxtaposition of the woman's serene presence against the cosmic backdrop of the moonlit night creates a captivating and evocative piece of digital art.

Suitable for printing on various medium or as digital wallpaper


This file is in svg and png formats

You can print at home on your own printer
You can print it out by sending it to printing centers including Walmart
You can upload your files online to a printing service such as Adorama Pix, Shutterfly,  etc.


As digital downloads are non-refundable, kindly reach out to us with any queries you might have before making your purchase. If you face any issues downloading your files post-purchase, We will gladly assist you in resolving them.


This license is intended for personal use only. You are permitted to print the artwork for your own personal use or as a gift. However, reselling, distributing, or using it for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.


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