Myth of the Moderate Democrat

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This book provides a stunning insight into the radical transformation of the Democratic Party and explains how America’s oldest political party went from a laissez faire, limited government ideology to one of Marxist rooted, Statist Collectivism. By delving into the major contributions made by Democratic Presidents, readers can gain a comprehensive understanding of the journey the party has taken and the outlier to this transition, John F. Kennedy, who history now observes was a centrist conservative.

Readers will benefit from this book in the following ways:

  • Learn the shocking truth about the major changes in the Democratic Party
  • Uncover how the party’s views have altered dramatically over time and the emotional impact that has had
  • Discover the inspiring story of John F. Kennedy, a rightwing extremist by today’s standards
  • Transform their understanding of the Democratic Party and the US political system

 This book includes:

  • A detailed chronology of the Democratic Party
  • A comprehensive look at the contributions made by Democratic Presidents
  • An exploration of the transformation of the Democratic Party
  • A powerful analysis of John F. Kennedy and his views

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