Orange scented soap - Orange Essential Oil Soap -


Orange Scented Soap - Orange Essential Oil 4 ounce Bar - Sometimes I have a hard time getting the essential oils to really stick in a bar of soap, this was not the case with this soap. The orange scent is vivid, not over powering but when you smell it, you will feel like it summertime. It has a beautiful orange color, that comes naturally from the essential oils. We used our signature 6 oil and butter recipe, our recipe is very moisturizing and produces a really nice lather. Each bar comes wrapped with a cigar band. There is no coconut oil in this bar. Each bar of handmade soap will last longer if you allow it to completely dry out between uses. Find a nice soap dish that allows your bar to be raised and not resting in water. Wholesale orders are welcome. Our bars come wrapped in a cigar band or a soap box made from recycled materials, based on size of bar.Colors may vary batch to batch.

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