Saints or Sinners Saved by Grace

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Discover the life-changing truth that will transform your relationship with God and define your identity as a born-again believer. Through this book, you will learn the importance of aligning your beliefs with God's Word and the power of walking in sound doctrine.

- Gain a deeper understanding of your true identity as a saint, holy and righteous in the eyes of God
- Learn how to align your beliefs with God's Word to strengthen your relationship with Him and live a purposeful life

This book covers:
- The contrast between the popular sentiment of being a "sinner saved by grace" and the biblical truth of being a saint in Christ
- The significance of framing discussions about our relationship with God based on sound doctrine
- Exploring the concept of sound doctrine and its impact on our walk with God

Included in this book:
- How to break free from the mindset of being a sinner and embrace your true identity in Christ
- The importance of understanding sound doctrine and its role in shaping our beliefs and actions
- Practical tips for aligning your beliefs with God's Word and living a life that honors Him

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